We need a heroine!

November 9th, 2012  by Anna Starasts    No Comments   

We need a heroine!

Our network has grown to almost a thousand members, we’re getting a ton of requests from the wider community regarding sharing jobs, similar events, relevant messages etc. We’re accessible from Twitter, Meetup, Facebook and of course our own website and we’re trying to grow our own mailing list, so we’re not so dependent on Meetup.

Essentially we started off as a meetup, but have grown into a much more active community and work hard to manage everything across our compact team of four. We’re obviously volunteers, so in terms of additional help – we’re looking for someone to step up simply because they love the group and the work we do.

We debated about pitching this role as a way to meet fascinating women, be part of a vibrant community etc – which of course you will! Awesomeness – yay! But the reason you’re reading this post is because it’s also a hard slog and a tough gig!

We’re looking for someone who:

  1. Has lots of ideas, but not so many, they can’t see them through to fruition. Following up on enquiries and working through initiatives is really important. Really important. Like really, really important.
  2. You live in Toronto and can easily access downtown.
  3. Ideally works in tech. The team, as it stands, encompasses web design, development, social media, integrated marketing and digital strategy – but we’d love to hear from anyone within academia, scientific research, software engineering and other geeky disciplines, just to ensure we have a team that represents the needs of the network.
  4. Writes well. Big deal. Whether it’s a blog post, a tweet, a sponsorship proposal, an email to the network – we need someone who is eloquent, relevant and can wield language to persuade, without turning the message into a sales pitch. Engage.
  5. Ideally has a car, because this would take the pressure off Caroline for our events and there’s only so much I can hook over the handlebars of my bike.
  6. Can use their initiative. We have strong feelings about what we should be doing and what we want to do. We’d like you to think the same way, but be proactive in reaching out. We need to be aligned on the vision of the group, but work autonomy with collaboration in making things happen. This is especially important in reaching out to speakers, potential sponsors and encouraging nice people to give us something for nothing.
  7. You need to love geek territory, have an open mind and keep an awareness of new topics for us. We are not a marketing, PR and social media meetup, though may occasionally touch technical facets of these topics.
  8. Share our agenda. Your participation in the community will raise your profile, but this is not about self-promotion.
  9. You want to help women succeed. This is a supportive network – discipline neutral and open to all ages.
  10. You can defend a point of view and relish discussion. We won’t always agree, but welcome diversity in opinion. It isn’t easy, but I can’t tell you how rewarding it is when someone tells you “we love Girl Geeks – you’re awesome!”

Above all else, it’s the attitude over experience that we need, so please feel welcome to get in touch: girlgeekstoronto@gmail.com.

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