The Team

Girl Geeks Toronto is a grassroots community non-profit group organized and run by a team of female volunteers who work in tech. The group is not incorporated as a non-profit, however, our group and volunteers do not make any money in putting on events. We charge a small fee to our members for each event to help cover venues, food, small thank you gifts for our speakers, hosting for our web spaces and other costs incurred to put on events. We also rely heavily on free donations of/reduced charges for other resources such as the time of our speakers, venues and tech-related door prizes for our events.


Anna Starasts, Girl Geeks Toronto co-organizer

Anna Starasts

When Anna discovered there was a group for inquisitive, creative, geeky gals just like her, she just knew she had to be a part of it. Currently working in fundraising for Ryerson University, Anna is Girl Geeks Toronto’s Lead Organizer. Before joining Ryerson, she was Community & Marketing Manager for gdR, a tech recruiting agency in Toronto, where she watched the rapid growth of the local tech ecosystem through gdR’s work with some of Canada’s hottest mid-sized software companies and startups. One of the first writers to launch BlogTO Tech’s Get To Know A Startup series, for several years she helped acquaint the less-technical citizens of Toronto with the incredible tech startup scene flourishing right under their noses. Other things that make Anna geek-out: indie coffee shops, cooking for people she loves, planning trips to far-off, foreign places, and listening to soul and jazz records on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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Amy Wong, Girl Geeks Toronto co-organizer

Amy Wong

At an early age, Amy had a curious mind of how things were built – she used to take apart her toys and put them back together to see how they would function. With this curiosity, this lead her to computer programming which ignited her love for web / app development and design. She geeks out at the sight of analytics and stats wanting to know more about how to improve user experience and interaction with a digital product. Aside from geeking out in her 9-5 job and co-organizing at Girl GeeksTO, Amy has a passion for cooking, refurbishing old furniture, DIY projects, traveling the world and being in the great outdoors.

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Kania Lou, Girl Geeks Toronto co-organizer

Kania Lou

Growing up with an entrepreneurial spirit, Kania always wanted to start her own business and be her own boss. She did just that when she founded Rumdul Media—a web design and development studio. Helping businesses thrive in the online world, she designed websites, implemented SEO strategies, and developed social media campaigns. Prior to this she has worked in advertising, film & television but only fully immersed herself into the digital world when she landed a gig at Emmy® Award-winning interactive agency, Secret Location. With a passion for telling stories through various mediums, Kania is continually discovering new ways to interact with audiences. Other interests include: netflixing, cooking, cottaging, dancing and although it took a while…watching sports ;) Currently, Kania works as a Producer at Notch Video helping companies & brands create meaningful online content.

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