Recap: To Infinity and Beyond: The Next Generation of Space Exploration

In this blog post, I want you to put yourself firmly into the shoes of your 5 year old self. Dreams were boundless then. What did you want to be when you grew up? If you asked me, I would have said artist because I loved drawing especially animals (then, I became a marketing professional). […]

Recap: Technology and Marketing: From Mind to Map

This month’s event brought together two topics that showed how technology is enabling marketers to be more relevant to our audiences.  Asif Khan from the Location Based Marketing Association talked about how marketers are using Location Based Marketing (LBM) and Diana Lucaci and Katerina Juskey from True Impact Marketing introduced us to neuromarketing, which measures […]

Celebrating Ada Lovelace and why all girls should get extra maths tuition

There’s nothing quite like the madness of a father To send the mother of a daughter into a lather Such was the situation of feisty Ada Lovelace Whose mother thought extra maths would keep her brains in place. Lord Byron the poet, Ada’s father – you see Was divorced by her mother, citing cruel insanity For […]