Recap: September 2012

Getting to Grips with Algorithms! (cue mighty roar)

Monday, September 17, 2012
6:30pm – 10:00pm
TinEye, 223 Queen Street East


You’ve heard about them, you know they’re important, you kinda know how they’re applied, but if you had to define an algorithm in less than ten words, you might struggle…


“WAIT!” you say. “How will you ever be able to broach such a VAST and COMPLEX universe like algorithms in just ONE evening?”

We love the question, embrace the challenge AND have lined up two splendidilyacious speakers for September.

“TWO?!!” you exclaim. “But Girl Geeks always have at least three! Why just two?”

Well, when we asked our lovely speakers about presenting, they rightly explained they need a little more time to do justice to their topics. So two presentations, just a little longer than normal.


Inmar Givoni

Inmar Givoni

Inmar is a Member of Technical Staff at the Toronto Technology Centre office of Altera. She holds a PhD in computer science from the University of Toronto. Her area of specialization is machine learning, and her particular focus areas include clustering and message-passing algorithms with applications to computer vision and computational biology. She received her BSc in computer science and computational biology from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. During her studies, Inmar interned with Microsoft Research – Search Labs, where she worked on machine learning algorithms for E-commerce applications for Bing, and at Microsoft Research Cambridge, where she worked on computer vision algorithms for the Kinect gaming system. Inmar has authored numerous publications and patents.

Inmar is passionate about issues of recruitment, retention, and promotion of women in computer science and engineering. She has developed and delivered numerous machine learning workshops for high-school girls, participated as a speaker, panelist, and volunteer in the Ontario Celebration of Women in Computing (ONCWIC), organized the Women in Machine Learning (WiML) workshop, and founded the Women in Machine Learning Workshop Executive board. At Altera, Inmar organizes various activities to increase gender diversity in the company, and to provide resources for female university students.

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Leila Boujnane

Leila Boujnane

Leila Boujnane is the co-founder and CEO of Idée Inc, a firm focused on large scale image search. Idée launched TinEye the world’s first reverse image search engine. Their goal is to build useful image search solutions and to make the world’s images searchable.

Leila began her career in software development at Algorithmics, a financial risk management software company, and brings a decade of software experience to her role at Idée. She is a supporter of Canada’s startup community and a search innovation leader who has been featured in various publications including Canadian Business, the Globe and Mail, the Financial Post, Fast Company, The New York Times, CBC, and The Guardian. She is also a novice ultra runner and terrible photographer.

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