Recap: August 2012

Adventures in Arduino

Monday, August 13, 2012
6:30pm – 9:30pm
Site 3 coLaboratory, 718R Ossington Ave

Arduino is the legitimately illegitimate wild child of art, electronics and computing. Coined as an open-source electronic prototyping platform, it’s a message and medium for bright sparks to create interactive electronic objects. Arduino is a means to a million ends, including interactive art, wearable computing, giving life to inanimate objects and voices to things that cannot speak. Arduino is where online meets offline and digital gets physical.

We’ll be hosting the event at the awesomelicious Site 3, a haven for organized chaos and harmonious hackerspace for ideas that may never meet elsewhere.

Speaking at “Adventures in Arduino” we have the magnificentous Alex Leitch, the foxtasticous Erin Lewis and the fascinatintastic Eric Boyd.

Alex Leitch

Alex Leitch holds a BA.hon in Fine Art/Cultural Studies-Critical Theory from McMaster university, co-founded the Site 3 coLaboratory Centre for Art and Technology, and runs a major art gallery’s information systems during the day. When not at work, she can be found milling aluminum and making kissy faces at her industrial laser cutter. She will enter OCAD-U in September to get an M.Des in Digital Futures, because why not. Her most popular project to date is the gun that shoots rainbow fire. Alex believes in helping people make amazing things.

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Erin Lewis

Erin Lewis is an emerging Canadian artist working in the field of New Media and Wearable Technology. Erin recently finished studying Integrated Media at OCAD University, with a minor in Wearable Technology. She works predominately with electronics and video in an installation setting. Erin has released video work with the National Film Board of Canada, exhibited work in Nuit Blanche, and conducted live video performances across Toronto and Europe. She enjoys grapes, kittens, and real-time data feeds.

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Eric Boyd

Eric Boyd is an engineer, environmentalist, and transhumanist. He graduated from Queens University with an engineering degree, but not before co-founding After graduating, he worked in Silicon Valley at a high tech startup, designing industrial sensors and helping install them at semi-conductor fabs across the United States. He now lives in Toronto, where he is President of, a technology community space. He spends his time developing wearable electronic senses; devices which augment your interface to the world, turning you into a cyborg. His diverse past includes market gardening, dot coms, industrial sensors, and automotive journalism. Eric is also trustee of the Toronto Awesome Foundation.

Eric blogs at You can learn more about wearable electronic senses at