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Designing Success: Guiding Your Client Through a Digital Project

Wednesday September 24, 2014
6:30pm to 9:30pm
Bensimon Byrne, 420 Wellington Street West, Toronto (map)

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Successful digital products and experiences start with a solid understanding of your users. UX Designers do more than make things look beautiful – they’re the key storytellers on a product team, which can create more loyal, productive and satisfied users for their client’s product.

If you’re a UX Designer, Project or Product Manager, how do you work with a client’s UX feature list to ensure they’re building what they really need? What if they might actually need something different than what they asked for? How do you build successful relationships with your clients while negotiating a common understanding of what a great user experience looks like for their product? How do you plan and execute the project to achieve a highly satisfying result for your client?

This month’s user-friendly Girl Geeks is all about delivering the right user experience for a product – and all the bumps along the way – coming from a woman who has risen through the ranks and seen it all.

Our speaker for this event:

Morag Johnston

Morag’s 19-year UX career has included stints as an independent contractor and as a five-years plus dedicated employee at both small and large organizations, both client side and agency side. Most recently, Morag was the Director of User Experience Design for New Product Development at Rogers Communications.

She has delivered both award winning and run-of-the-mill user experiences across the financial, retail, online training, travel, publishing, broadcast, and telecom industries.

In every organization she has joined, she has created the central User Experience team. She lives to bring together diverse individuals to create outstanding results.

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