Community Spotlight: Lydia Young

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The Girl Geeks Toronto network is comprised of women (and men) from varied backgrounds in technology. With such diverse pasts, our events help bring people together. We want to see what our members are up to, so we’re thrilled to spotlight some of them!

Breanne Schroder met with GGTO member Lydia Young to discuss what it means to be a girl geek, dealing with data, and how she rejuvenates herself.

Name: Lydia Young.

The day job: Data & Reporting Analyst (Financial Industry).

The dream job: I would love to be a consultant. My current work allows me to interact with and analyze lots of interesting data. Over the years, I have become particularly skilled at spotting trends and thus, room for improvement. I feel my connection to the raw data would allow me to be a successful strategist and consultant.

The educational institution: I studied Electronic Engineering at a University in Shanghai.

What makes you a girl geek: Whenever my brain gets close to high-tech knowledge, I get excited.

Someone who inspires you: My Grandma. She is incredibly intelligent, one of those people who surprises you with her in-depth knowledge about everything. She is also my number one advice-giver.

If you weren’t in TO you’d be in: New York. I’m a city girl – I thrive in a fast-paced environment.

Techy book I have read recently: “Behind the Cloud: The Untold Story of How Went from Idea to Billion-Dollar Company-and Revolutionized an Industry” by Marc Benioff

Your most compelling strength: I can look at a lot of information and see the big picture. This allows me to make recommendations that can potentially save clients hundreds of thousands of dollars and facilitate efficient business practices.

Favourite TO spot: I just love being downtown. There is never a shortage of activities, culture, food, etc. to keep me busy.

Fuel for mind, body, soul: Extreme sports! I love rock climbing. Not only it is a great workout and fun, but I also have to use my brain to analyze the most effective routes. It’s amazing for mind, body and soul.

Give me a superhero power and it would be: I would love my own Harry Potter ‘Invisible Cloak’.

True or false – your personal computer is backed up: Sometimes.

iOS or Android and why: Android. In my opinion, it’s more flexible and customizable.

Why does technology turn your crank: I sincerely appreciate how connected technology has made the world. It doesn’t matter how small a person you are, if you have a good idea, changing the world is accessible to you in today’s advanced environment.

GGTO events are awesome because: When I’m at Girl Geeks events, I think, “wow”. It’s the people who attend – everyone is so smart and the community is supportive. It inspires me. When I first came to Canada, I wondered, “where are the geeks?” I found them at GGTO.

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