Celebrating Ada Lovelace and why all girls should get extra maths tuition

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Ada Lovelace

There’s nothing quite like the madness of a father

To send the mother of a daughter into a lather

Such was the situation of feisty Ada Lovelace

Whose mother thought extra maths would keep her brains in place.

Lord Byron the poet, Ada’s father – you see

Was divorced by her mother, citing cruel insanity

For Ada, the maths lessons really paid off

And she rose swiftly, but not smoothly, to intellectual fame

For her contributions to Charles Babbage’s work

And a few scandals we’ll try not to name.


The first computer program arrived through Ada’s writing

On Charles Babbage’s analytical engine, with occasional fighting.

She was a lady of rather strong views

And her testing of double standards often made news.

She wrote the first machine algorithm and yet gambled into debt,

A sign that intelligence doesn’t ensure a safe bet.

She explored beyond maths into depths of the brain,

Though her calculus of the nervous system was an effort in vain.

We salute you Ada for the foundations you laid

For computer programming and the difference that made.


Shamelessly adapted from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ada_Lovelace

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