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Recap: Gesture Tech & Wearables

February 11th, 2014  by Anna Starasts
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Girl Geeks Toronto never fail to bring in some of the most impressive minds. First up at Monday’s event on gesture tech and wearables was Sharon Fan, COO of GestSure – a company that has enabled surgeons to view patient’s imaging without even touching a screen. The day before, GestSure’s technology happened to be featured […]

Girl Geeks Toronto January 2014 event

Recap: New Year – New Career: Get Job Hunt Ready

January 31st, 2014  by Anna Starasts
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In preparation for a New Year – New Career, Jobspring’s tech-hiring experts, Dane Robinson and Matt McKinney, presented Girl Geeks Toronto with proven job hunt best practices that are sure to shake up your approach. They provided excellent insight into the hiring process and broke it down to offer tips and tricks that will improve your efforts and propel you towards your new career.


Recap: Designing for Digital: Processes and Planning for Powerful Solutions

November 28th, 2013  by Anna Starasts
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Our November event was all about the creation of digital offerings that are more than just functional. We’re talking digital products and services that leave us in awe and wondering how we ever lived without them. Three experts, Laura Baxter, Linn Vizard and Linda Nakanishi explored this to a sold out crowd. Guest blogger Caitlin Davey recaps.


Recap: Seeing Double – The Second Screen Experience

September 27th, 2013  by Anna Starasts
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The first thing Stephanie Wilson Chapin challenged at the Sept. 16 Girl Geeks Toronto Meetup was the title: Seeing Double: The Second Screen Experience. Responsible for operations, strategy, and growth of Bell Media’s digital properties, Wilson Chapin is the Director, Digital, News for, CTV’s local news sites, and She says that instead of […]

Nora Young

Big Data is HUGE [but still small]

June 20th, 2013  by Anna Starasts
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Recap of The Next Big Thing: Data with Nora Young. What is big data? It’s a good question, and one that Nora Young attempted to answer at Girl Geeks Toronto on June 10th. It’s particularly pertinent coming, as it does, as details of the US National Security Agency’s PRISM homeland surveillance program that is reported […]


Recap: To Infinity and Beyond: The Next Generation of Space Exploration

May 24th, 2013  by Anna Starasts
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In this blog post, I want you to put yourself firmly into the shoes of your 5 year old self. Dreams were boundless then. What did you want to be when you grew up? If you asked me, I would have said artist because I loved drawing especially animals (then, I became a marketing professional). […]

Morgan Freeman

FIRST Robotics Canada – Get Your Robot On

March 20th, 2013  by Anna Starasts
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If you were at our latest event at Google, you may have heard our network member Teresa Sing share information about FIRST Robotics Canada. Teresa is a mentor and is actively involved in FIRST – an organization dedicated to inspiring young people to pursue studies and careers in science, technology and engineering. They pursue their mission primarily […]