About Girl Geeks Dinners


This here is the awesome story to how the Girl Geek Dinners network began. As the Girl Geeks network travels, it’s fair to say it mutates slightly in each region, depending on the environments in which it seeds, and the ladies who grow the local group. We appreciate some women don’t want to be called girls and some don’t want to be called geeks. We like being “girls” because we’re young at heart, open to making a difference in the world, and passionate about enjoying an education. We like being “geeks” because we’re curious about how things work, and most importantly want to implement systems and structures to work effectively.

The intelligent application of technology to extend human capability and understanding is hugely exciting and an intellectual orientation open to everyone. You don’t need a technical background to attend our talks, and please come along to at least one to see how you find the group. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us collectively or individually from The Team page. Most importantly we want you to feel welcome!