Girl Geeks Toronto organizing team. L-R: Amelia Stein, Anna Starasts, Tutu Ilelaboye, Caroline McGregor, Helen Kontozopoulos.

We are smart women who get technology.

Each month we host inspiring and educational talks with a strong roster of top tier speakers from the digital space. Our events feature a different technical theme each month, and past speakers have included CBC Spark’s Nora Young, Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law Michael Geist, InteraXon Inc.’s CEO Ariel Garten, Leila Boujnane of TinEye, and Stephanie Wilson Chapin of Bell Media. Our goal is to make tech more accessible to women and we do that through our friendly, networking environment. Don’t let our name fool you – boy geeks are welcome, too.

We had a great time during Smart Week in October. A big thank you goes out to the team from Secret Location who brought virtual reality to life for us by taking us through their amazing Oculus Rift experience for FOX Broadcasting’s Sleepy Hollow. Stay tuned for details about our next event!