Girl Geeks Toronto organizing team. L-R: Amelia Stein, Anna Starasts, Tutu Ilelaboye, Caroline McGregor, Helen Kontozopoulos.

We are smart women who get technology.

Every month we host themed talks, in essence mini-conferences, with speakers addressing a different aspect of the theme at each event. We’ve brought an impressive roster of speakers to our network including Nora Young of CBC Radio’s Spark, CEO of InteraXon, the creators of the Muse, Ariel Garten,┬áCo-founder and CEO of TinEye Leila Boujnane, Aerospace Engineer at MDA Space Missions Natalie Panek, and long-time Googler Hanoi Morillo.

On Tuesday March 18, we covered Open Data. Registration opens soon for our Women’s Networking Lunch at FITC in April – stay tuned!