Girl Geeks Toronto organizing team. L-R: Amelia Stein, Anna Starasts, Tutu Ilelaboye, Caroline McGregor, Helen Kontozopoulos.

We are smart women who get technology.

Every month we host themed talks, in essence mini-conferences, with speakers addressing a different aspect of the theme at each event. We’ve brought an impressive roster of speakers to our network including Canada Research Chair of Internet and E-commerce Law, Michael Geist; Nora Young of CBC Radio’s Spark; CEO of InteraXon, the creators of the Muse, Ariel Garten;┬áCo-founder and CEO of TinEye Leila Boujnane; Aerospace Engineer at MDA Space Missions Natalie Panek; and long-time Googler Hanoi Morillo.

To all the Girl (and Boy) Geeks who joined us, thanks for another great season. We’ll be back with more events in the Fall – stay tuned and enjoy your summer!